Bell+Howell Solar Powered Disk Lights with Light Brown Mosaic Glass (4-Pack)

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          Illuminate your gardens, pathways, stairs and more with these solar-powered mosaic disk lights. Each light features 6 super-bright LEDs inside a water-resistant, mosaic stone-style housing to light up and accentuate your outdoor space in all kinds of weather. Instantly upgrade your lawn with the Bell + Howell Mosaic Disk Lights - just remove from the box and place down outside. as soon as the sun goes down, watch your pathway/lawn/patio light up with gorgeous colored lights. 

           The large solar panel accumulates power from the sun all day and powers the LED bulbs to allow 10-hours of illuminating power at night. Automatic On/Off: The Bell + Howell Disk Lights automatically turn on when the sun goes down and automatically shut off in the morning and can be manually switched off by clicking the switch button located on the underside section of the product. Attach the included stakes and mount disk lights on the ground. The four-corner stake maintains stability and eliminates accidental dislodging of the product and can also be used without the stakes. The water-resistant design ensures that the disk lights remain unaffected even after a heavy downpour and all other types of weather. The glass casing is rust-proof, lightweight and durable to last years without needing to change them. Comes in a set of 4 but you can purchase as many as needed and simply add them to your garden.

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