Skunky Disposable Rinse-Free Bath Sponges

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  • Rinse-free bath sponges clean you in 60 seconds without stepping into a shower/
  • Ideal for gym, camping, travel, kids, elder care, sports, or virtually any situation where traditional bathing isn’t an option.
  •  Infused with soap.
  • Just add water and Skunky cleans in 3 easy steps: lather, scrub, and dry — no rinsing required.
  • No-rinse formula doesn’t leave a sticky residue.
  •  Skunky sponges are thick, luxurious, and bursting with lather (after you’ve added water)
  • pH-balanced and work great in situations where you cannot bathe with water.
  •  Portable, convenient hygiene anytime, anywhere
  • Compact and travel-friendly — perfect for tucking into a backpack, gym bag, or suitcase.
  •  Can be used to quickly freshen up other areas like feet or underarms.
  • Skunky bathing sponges come in a resealable bag to keep them fresh.
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