Ruby Holding Hands

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  • Ultra-Powerful Magnetic Zip Ties: Ditch the weak plastic zip ties and organize cables and cords with Ruby Holding Hands, ultra-powerful magnetic zip ties! Just wrap and clap!
  • Industrial-Strength Silicone: Our industrial-strength silicone can handle any organization job around your home, easily wrapping even the bulkiest bundles.
  • Ultra-powerful magnet: each hand in Ruby Holding Hands houses an ultra-powerful magnet with the toughest grip that holds on tight, so cables stay tied together.
  • Reusable: unlike single-use plastic, Ruby Holding Hands are reusable. Not only do they save you money, but they are also better for the environment.
  • Link Together for a Longer Length: Need a longer length? Ruby Holding Hands link together to create the perfect length you need so you can organize everything from long lengths of rope to the cord on your appliance.
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