Pooph Pet Turf and Carpet Odor Eliminator 20oz

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Pooph takes the "stink" out of the equation- Providing complete odor elimination on a molecular level. Unlike enzymatic formulas that work slowly and leave odors behind, Pooph works to instantly eliminate odors at the source- so there is no stink or fragrance... When you use Pooph, it's as if the odor was never there! And as amazingly powerful as it is, Pooph Kitty litter odor eliminator is specially formulated for the unique stink that only comes from our feline friends. This is a cat lovers dream come true!

  • Safe for people, pets and the planet
  • Pooph is so safe you can directly use it on your pets.
  • Clear, odorless and non-staining
  • Works instantly
  • Fragrance free, no VOCs or HAPS
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