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  • MINI SINK PLUNGER: Clear clogs instantly in your sink or other drains with this small plunger by Plungeroo. Simply press down to provide a strong push that removes any blockage in your sink, shower, or bathtub.
  • POWERFUL DESIGN: Crafted from durable plastic, this professional sink plunger features a large bellows and easy-to-use plunger design. The non-toxic materials are resistant to rust and corrosion for a long-lasting plunger tool.
  • COMPACT SIZE: Measuring 6.1 x 4.2 x 2.9-inches, fit this mini plunger under awkward faucets and in other tight spaces. Regular toilet plungers have long handles that make unclogging drains from tubs, sinks, and other drains uncomfortable, so use this one instead.
  • NON-SLIP HANDLE: Bathrooms can be damp and slippery, so we created a comfortable, non-slip handle to make unclogging your drains easier. The short handle helps to alleviate hand fatigue for those stubborn clogs that take an extra press of the plunger.
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