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  • DURABLE and WATER-PROOF: Alien Shield Tape instantly locks into place to repair tears, cracks, and leaks. It can stand up water-based elements such as rain, sleet, and snow. The ultra durable bond holds rain or shine. Great tape to stop leaks in the bathroom, kitchen, and swimming pool. You can also use this to patch the holes on your boats, camping tent, etc.
  • PERAMANENT: Alien Shield is a new smart solution to seal leaks and repairs crack or tears. It comes with three (3) 5”x 4” rolls, a total of 15 ft in length for indoor and outdoor use.
  • TRANSPARENT DESIGN: This seal tape helps your repairs to be more unnoticeable as it is transparent in nature. People won’t see clearly if you’ve performed a repair on clear objects.
  • STICKS ON ANY SURFACE: Alien Shield works on all surface from rough to uneven surface. Perfect to use to fix leaks on gutters, roofs, garden hose, punctured air mattress, windows, and more.
  • SAVES TIME and MONEY: With Alien Shield Tape, you don’t need to hire people to fix your leaking pipes or buy new things. You can repair it on your own. Simply trim the tape to size, peel off the back, stick it to the leaks or holes you want to repair or seal then you’re all set. It works very quick and effective.
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